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Luxury Packaging Supplier, Luxury Gift Boxes, Paper Gift Bags | London, UK


At NEUERA we know a thing or two about Luxury Gift Boxes. From the highest quality in packaging materials to production standards, we take our craft seriously and understand the importance of investing in luxury packaging solutions that not only represent elegance and style, but also delivers on rigidity and durability. As gift box manufacturers and suppliers, we provide the following services:

  • In-house manufacturing and prototyping

  • Made-to-order design 

  • Range of production finishes from embossing, to lamination and texture pressing

  • Ethical and sustainable sourcing of materials 

For companies and business looking to upgrade their brand identity and the quality of their service, paper based packaging is the optimum to way to refresh the unboxing experience for customers while at the same time caring for the planet. We understand that 'paper' is not a term most associated with strength, but Neuera will dispels these myths and do it with flair as you will find from looking through our collection of gift boxes, from magnetic to hinge-lid boxes and more.


The ideal gift box should reflect the quality, luxury and prestige of the products contained within, and nobody knows the product better than the client. Neuera ensures that clients have the freedom to choose everything from paper texture to printing effect so that the outside truly does represent the beauty within. 

Whether or not you know what type of luxury gift box design you're in the market for, Neuera are always happy and on hand to help you begin your gifting journey. Get in touch and enquire today for a quote!

Luxury Packaging Supplier, Luxury Gift Boxes, Paper Gift Bags | London, UK


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