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Sustainability and Biodegradability: How Building Demand for Luxury Paper Bags Can Help to Decrease

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Printed Paper Bags in the Luxury Packaging Sphere

Printed paper bags might seem like a little fish in a big pond when it comes to the luxury packaging industry; from just our techniques page alone it is clear that the scope of opportunities to personalise and elevate the way your customers receive their products is incredibly expansive, but paper bags have held their own as a means to package items of all natures for decades. Printed paper bags have, at times, held a reputation for being plain or uninspired as a means to package products, which sounds hardly representative of the luxury that we strive for here at Neuera, but this is no longer the case!

We are a caring printed paper bags and packaging supplier and our recyclable paper bags are capable of the same luxurious, professional finish that we promise of all our packaging supplies products, the range of techniques we offer means that no matter how modest the starting materials – in this case, a branded paper bag – the final product will be as beautiful, perfectly customised and representative of your brand as any other product we can create, all while working towards the inarguably essential mission of decreasing plastic use and negative environmental impact.

Environmental Awareness as a Packaging Manufacturer

Environmental consciousness is on the rise, and as a result terms like ‘sustainable’, ‘eco’ and ‘green’ have penetrated consumer-targeted advertising across a number of industries. People are increasingly aware of their individual impact on the environment, but are also aware of the heightened impact of large businesses and are hence critical of those who do not practice sustainability – particularly those who rely on buzzwords like ‘sustainable’ and ‘green’ without doing the work to back this up. It is, then, more important than ever to demonstrate a genuine awareness and implement practices into the packaging manufacturer process which responds to our struggling environment, and printed branded paper bags are a great and simple way to introduce sustainable practice into your business. The packaging industry and those that rely on it are susceptible to criticism surrounding the materials used when, in many instances, packaging products are considered single-use, but in using printed branded paper bags, the gift bags are not only reusable but also biodegradable and easily recyclable, working to offset the negative associations of a single-use bag.

Both You and Your Customers Increase Sustainable Practice

It is also worth noting that by incorporating your choice of packaging supplies in your environmental strategy, you are not only practicing sustainability within your company but also helping your customers to do so by giving them the ability to reuse a bag, negating the need to purchase another, and preventing them from having to bin a plastic bag which, even when recyclable, takes longer and more energy to recycle. Your customers will appreciate the option to choose a non-plastic alternative and, by having this, it opens your potential customer base to those who actively avoid plastic packaging products.

Showing Your Brand’s Eco-Awareness

While genuine concern for your role in decreasing environmental malpractice is at the heart of every sustainability strategy, there is value in advertising your brand as such as it sends a message to both your customers and those in the industry who are not yet practicing sustainability and eco-awareness. By selling luxury products in luxury packaging that happens to be entirely biodegradable and recyclable tells others that printed paper bags are not only a viable but incredible option for luxury packaging, which in turn contributes to the normalision of this type of packaging.

At NEUERA, we understand that at the heart of your brand is your core values and it is our job to translate all that your brand represents into the perfect packaging for you. When it comes to sustainability in an industry so heavily centered around material, it is essential to demonstrate awareness of our potential environmental impact. It is for this reason that for every product we manufacture that is not made from recyclable products, we strive to create boxes that people would find worthy of keeping – namely, the drawer and chest printed boxes for business are particularly suited to this concept. To find out more about how we can help turn your packaging dreams into a reality, get in touch with our expert team today by calling 020 3286 2250, email us at, or you can get a quote and we will get back to you shortly.



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