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The Psychology of Gifting: How Luxury Gift Boxes Elevate the Unboxing Experience

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘it’s about the journey, not the destination’? Well when it comes to unboxing a new product, it’s about both! A person’s impression of your product starts when they first see it, not when they first use it; the first point of contact they have with it is the moment it arrives at the door and what follows is the journey they take to reach your product. Throughout this journey, the person’s impression of your company can take a number of directions and be influenced by a number of things, from how attractive the printed boxes or printed paper bag is, to how well made it is, to how easy it is to get into. The following are a few of the essential elements of unboxing, all of which speak to the value of utilising luxury packaging styles and techniques to entice and enthuse your customers from the first moment they receive their package.

Building Anticipation and Creating Expectations Through Packaging

As mentioned, the process of unboxing can take the customers opinion of the product, and consequently your business, in several directions, but it can also elevate or deflate their excitement about the product itself.

Packaging is indicative of what is inside; if it has been haphazardly thrown together in some sheets of paper and plastic and shipped off, then it’s safe to assume those responsible for the packaging did not value that product very highly. When time, care and attention have been taken to make a beautiful and well made printed box or printed paper bag, the assumption becomes that this is reflective of the quality of the product inside. In this way, the packaging of a product works to create expectations, either good or bad, and these expectations inherently affect the customers mood. When you have high expectations, you are more excited, meaning a customer receives the product with a positive attitude; one of the primary goals of any packaging.

It is also worth noting that, with the dominance of eCommerce, the unboxing process has become one of the highlights of the online purchase process. The excitement of receiving a parcel comes, in part, from having seen it in person for the first time; in shops a person sees, touches and analyses the packaging of a product before the purchase, but with online purchasing there has been an increases build up of anticipation as they have to wait for the product to arrive, so their disappointment at underwhelming, unattractive or poorly made printed boxes or printed branded paper bags will be emphasised comparative to if they had already come into contact with it before purchase.

The Feeling of Receiving a Gift

Luxury packaging contributes an air of decadence, a degree of added fancy, to the process of receiving a gift; whether it’s admiring the attractive and innovative techniques used to create such beautiful printed boxes, printed paper bags, or the creative shapes and intricacies of the packaging, it is inarguably a more pleasant experience to unbox something that seems to have been especially made for you to enjoy. This feeling mirrors that of receiving a gift, whereby someone has especially made it for you to enjoy. The feeling of luxury refers not only to the value of the product, as is the case with a gift, but also the effort that has been put into it. Packaging is indicative of how the retailer treats and values their own product and of how the thought they have put into their customers unboxing experience, much the same as the way a person is grateful for when a friend takes the time to carefully wrap a gift, they are more likely to be subconsciously grateful for their packaging being carefully boxed. The ability to tap into this area of subconscious excitement regarding receiving a gift is a very fortunate element of luxurious packaging techniques and benefits both your business, as products are received with more enthusiasm, and the customer, who has enjoyed the process.

Extends the Process of Getting to the Product

In a very literal sense, the unboxing process turns receiving a package into a process; the product that has been purchased becomes the height of the experience rather than the entirety of it. This gives your business a longer period of time to create a positive impression of your business. Utilise this! The opportunity to extend the process – not excessively, since difficulty getting to the product could have a negative affect – is a fantastic means to show your customer the value and values of your business.

At NEUERA, we appreciate that good packaging is more than a few folds of paper and a pretty bow, it’s the essence of your business, so in order to create great packaging we have to know your business! Our team are dedicated to truly getting to know your business, from your objectives to your distribution, to ensure that your product’s packaging is an extension of the company it represents, which means you don’t need to have a fully-fleshed idea before starting a conversation with our team.

NEUERA’s packaging creations are intended to fit organically into your business operation and image, hence our expansive range of techniques allow for complete personalisation and we have foldable packaging options which are friendly to smaller warehouses.

To speak to a member of our team and begin the process of creating your perfect packaging, get in touch today by calling 020 3286 2250, email us at, or you can get a quote and we will get back to you shortly.



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