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Magnetic Hinge Box

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Magnetic Hinge Box
Magnetic Hinge Box

Magnetic Hinge Box

Full Product Description

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Embraced by retailers, our magnetic hinge boxes have become a customer favourite, thanks to the irresistible magnetic snap-close mechanism, often chosen for its charm in gift packaging.

In contrast to lift-off lid and base boxes, magnetic boxes boast a wider range of structural designs and creative possibilities. Whether you prefer a side closure, top closure, book-style, or any other configuration, we excel at tailoring each box to your unique needs.

Crafted from scratch, our magnetic hinge boxes offer unmatched customization. Every aspect, from dimensions to material choices and print effects, can be meticulously adjusted to align with your vision. The outcome is a packaging solution that not only secures your products but also enhances your brand identity.

Whether you already have a specific design in mind or seek guidance, NEUERA is ready to initiate your gifting journey. Contact us today for a quote, and let's collaborate on creating magnetic hinge boxes that make a lasting impact.

Minimum order quantity

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1000 units

Delivery Terms & Conditions

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All goods are produced in our factory in China. We will manage the shipment and import of goods to UK and delivered to UK premises.

Lead time: 12-14 weeks (UK delivery)

Alternatively, goods can be collected from our factory in Guang Zhou, China if you would like to arrange your own shipment.

Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks (FOB term, China)

Sample Printing

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Printed Prototype:

Full printed prototype is recommended for new packaging project to confirm all print specs, size and fitting before large production run.

Lead time : 14 - 20 days

Fee : Varies depends on print specs & design

Portfolio Samples:

Seeing is believing. Request a sample pack to verify our product quality and made informed decision.

Fee : Free

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