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Round/Cylinder Boxes

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Round/Cylinder Boxes
Round/Cylinder Boxes

Round/Cylinder Boxes

Full Product Description

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At NEUERA, we pride ourselves on providing a diverse range of packaging solutions to cater to varying preferences and requirements. Our offerings include both handmade cylinder boxes and rolled edge machine-made cylinder tubes.

The rolled edge cylinder tubes stand out as a cost-effective option, making them an attractive choice for those seeking budget-friendly packaging solutions. However, for those who desire an extra touch of sophistication and uniqueness, our handmade cylinder boxes are the perfect complement. These bespoke boxes offer a level of intricacy and design finesse that is beyond the capabilities of machine production.

Crafting our handmade round boxes requires a fusion of intricate skills, meticulous craftsmanship, and a wealth of experience. Our dedicated workers bring their expertise to every detail, ensuring a beautiful and professional finish that sets our packaging apart. We believe in pushing the boundaries of conventional designs, and the handmade cylinders exemplify this commitment.

Choosing handmade round boxes from NEUERA is not just a practical decision; it's an investment in unparalleled quality and aesthetic appeal. The exclusivity of these boxes adds a unique, luxurious dimension to your packaging, enhancing the overall presence and presentation of your products. Elevate your brand with packaging that reflects the dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines NEUERA's commitment to excellence.

Minimum order quantity

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1000 units

Delivery Terms & Conditions

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All goods are produced in our factory in China. We will manage the shipment and import of goods to UK and delivered to UK premises.

Lead time: 12-14 weeks (UK delivery)

Alternatively, goods can be collected from our factory in Guang Zhou, China if you would like to arrange your own shipment.

Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks (FOB term, China)

Sample Printing

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Printed Prototype:

Full printed prototype is recommended for new packaging project to confirm all print specs, size and fitting before large production run.

Lead time : 14 - 20 days

Fee : Varies depends on print specs & design

Portfolio Samples:

Seeing is believing. Request a sample pack to verify our product quality and made informed decision.

Fee : Free

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